Friday, April 19, 2013

Life as we know it

When life is going good you think of your friends.When life gets bad you start thinking about other people.First you go to the people around you,then you go to your parents.And when no one can help you,you think about God.Although I stay in a 4 bedded room in Vit,I still feel alone a lot of times.The day I entered room no.119,I had tears rolling down my eyes.I was leaving my parents,my pet & some wonderful friends behind.I had to stay with people who I feared were quite different from what I was.I faced sexist and at times racist people.I realised how how my life changed so drastically in a month.Every morning I used to wake up with just one wish which was to go back home.I never felt alone at home.My mom was more like my best friend.My dad was an amazing guide.They both are still there for me but they are a thousand miles away.I made a few friends.Some are busy chasing girls & some are busy chasing marks.I have just realised one thing now.We are born alone & God just puts us into paradise for a few years & then starts playing the game of life with us.I am a people pleaser.I love to make people smile.But sometimes that's what dissappoints me.Everyday is a battle here at vit.Room counselling is the worst that I lost.Those weird quizzes,cats & walking 4 kms to get to your classes.And how can I forget losing 4Kgs of weight.
I have changed.I am not that innocent as I as was last year.I have the power to stand up for what I want.And the best thing I have got is independence.I can live alone.I can travel alone.I am just me.Vit has been a lesson,an experience & has made me a very different person.I just wish this is all for my own good.But one thing that I have not lost yet is my optimism.I hope that the sunrise would soon soak up my sorrows & make me a much better person.
Have a nice day.

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