Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I <3 MOM

My mother Manjeet Dave is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.
She has the greatest adjusting power.She understands me more than anybody in the world.
She has the ability to smile even when the sky is falling down.Maybe that's what makes her so special.I have never seen her sad in her days of trouble.She is as charming as she was in her new haircut.Some people are blessed with a strong heart that can bear anything & everything.
My mother has always supported me emotionally.I knew I could pour my heart out to her & she would offer a solution to my problem.She adjusted very well in a family which was quite different than hers'.She is a true idol for me.

She has been working as a Professor at a government college from the past 25 years.She struck a great balance between her personal & professional life.She used to cook some awesome dinner for me.I've realized this more after having the food offered to us at our VIT mess though.She always served me with a smile.Here people dump food on my plate with expressions that can't amuse me.
My mother is my best friend.She knows who I like,dislike,talk to.She knows when I am not well.She is a secret box for me.Everything I can't tell dad can be definitely shared with mom.She has gained my trust that way.I love shopping with Mom.Yes.. she loves shopping for bedspreads & cutlery more than for shoes but still she's a great company.She has been my best friend & she'll always be.I hope God will grant her all her wishes.I hope she stays this awesome forever!I love you Mom!& I miss you!
I'll be home soon :)

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