Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vellore institute of technology

So the admission season has come again & all the students are busy choosing the institutes.People check out rankings,brochures & websites etc to make the decision of their lives.But u still can't trust them because such things can be bugged isn't it?
I went through the same phase last year & landed up at Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore.
The first month I had spent here was miserable.I missed home,parents,my pet & specially my home town.I started interacting with people & things started changing.Today I have friends I can count on.I feel more independent than I was before.I used to be the girl who used to travel with my driver.I was never alone,but now I have travelled 1500kms alone & experienced what life really is.I read a lot of criticism about vit when I was enrolling.Honesty,I hated the institution for the first couple of months( mostly because home is so far).But the truth is there are both the pro's n con's of the institution.I am listing out both.
1.A lot of people argue about Vit charging a lot of fees from its students.But I don't think it's wrong because they do have a wonderful campus,serious security & amazing labs.They have biometric attendance for hostellers.I have never seen a single instrument or apparatus out of order in their labs.
2.They have continuous evaluation policy & engineering is not at all a cake walk.U do earn your degree at vit.U have to work hard or you go down.
4.Not many people know about the 'fully flexible credit system' at vit.U choose what subjects you would like to study in the respective semesters.U can also choose your teachers and design your own timetable.It's one of the only colleges in India with such an option.
5.The teachers upload books,study material online.It's like the next generation college.You also fill feedback forms at the end of each semester & if you feel that some improvements can be made in the the system you can suggest stuff anonymously.
6.U will get to meet people from different cultures,places & gain some free experience too!
7.You can choose between Class based learning & Project based learning.Project based learning is very beneficial as it is based on how concepts are implemented in real life scenarios.
8.No ragging.Yes I have never been ragged in my college life.The rules dont allow the seniors to even think of ragging someone.
1.The rules in VIT change every fortnight.If you are a girl you'll be running every weekend to get written permissions signed by your warden.You are asked to submit a bond( stamp paper) signed by your parents when college starts..
For every single thing you need stuff on the stamp paper.
2.Strict attendance rules are there in VIT.U need to have 75% attendance to appear for every exam.So if you were thinking that vit is a place where you can bunk lots of classes & have fun..You can't afford to.period.
3.Vit is synonymous with exams.There are times when you have exams every alternate week.It feels like school a lot of times.
4.The hostel rooms change every year & there is a counselling for that too.The demands for the ac rooms is a lot more than what vit has & so even to get a good room you need good grades or friends with good grades or some other means.
I am sure that the management will
Overall I find VIT is a very good institute & the whole vishwanathan family has done a wonderful job.I respect & appreciate all the people who have contributed to make the place called vit what it is today.I am not advertising here.I have just stated some facts.

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