Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Fickle-minded Mob

Some years ago I read an abridged version of the Julius Caesar,which is a popular tragedy by Shakespeare.
The Shakespeare had made it a point to emphasize on the characteristics of the mob.The role of the mob was the most influential.Whoever controlled the mob had the control of the whole country of Rome.
Moreover,the mob of Rome was fickle-minded,they were as easily influenced by Brutus as they were by Mark Antony.
The mob is a weapon of mass destruction.It is still used by many so as to fuel the revolutions of this decade.For me,2011 was truly the year of revolutions.The middle east was the epicenter of the big fire of revolutions.But the fire spread on all sides.But who controlled the fire?Who fueled the fire?The one who controlled the fire were the leaders who controlled the mob.
In India,the Great Anna's anti-corruption movement was the in thing during 2011.
Thousands stood in support of the elderly leader.The ramlila maidan at the capital had a new story to tell.
The ramlila maidan housed a powerful mob.The mob was unwilling to move unless the Lokpal was passed.But after the Ramlila maidan chapter the mob disappeared.
Last year,the Lokpal was every person's favorite topic to comment on.But today things have drastically changed.The thing I don't understand is that why do people forget things with time?Corruption was bothering them then & it's even bothering them now.Their leader Anna Hazare is very much alive,though he has been the center of many controversies.
But the point is that the mob is fickle-minded.The enthusiasm of the mob lasts for a very short period.It sometimes does not matter that what ignited the fire.The fire calms down on it's own after sometime.What is important is to use a better fuel.
Mark Antony played the part of a good fuel in Julius Caesar.India is in great need of it's Mark Antony.India needs a young brave heart to control it's fickle-minded mob.The problem with our nation is that we forget things with time.We forget the attacks on our country,we forget the movements & sometimes we even forget what the freedom fighters did for our country.
We all need to sharpen our memories & fight for a better tomorrow.
Wish you all a happy Republic Day.
Truth alone Triumphs.

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  1. Well said, Amiti.

    And yes, fickle-minded mob is not an India-specific phenomenon. US had all those 'Occupy Wall Street' protests, which died down in just three weeks, without making much impact except Obama making some more idiotic 'we need change' weekly addresses on YouTube. Same goes for the ongoing protests against two new US bills - PIPA and STOP IP Act. Wikipedia, The Register, Ars Technica, and several other huge websites, protested by turning off their servers. Even Facebook and Google announced plans for protests. But all of them seem to have lost the momemtum. They won't be making much of an impact.

    Pretty much proves that public memory is poor.

    But protests for democratically-elected rule in Egypt succeded because it had strong leadership AS WELL AS international support from pretty much every country you can call powerful.

    So, I completely agree with you on this: for movements to succeed, we need 'high octane fuel'. Strong leadership, which leads with strength and carries the movement forward in a carefull, strategically-planned way, as well as big international support to put pressure on our govt.

    All the best for the practicals! :) and keep writing!