Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Secret

Three years ago I read the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Bryne.And I can surely say that it changed my life.
The book inspired me to look beyond the problems & search for solutions.It forced me to think positive & believe what it said was true.The law of attraction helped me to be a better person somehow..
I am an agnostic theist & so I started following "The Secret" just like people follow the Quran,the Bible,the Gita etc..
Since then I've come across incidents or rather coincidences which always had a purpose.
The belief that I'll always get what I want the most makes me confident about my actions.I control my thoughts well & this creates a great balance in my life.When I thank people I always feel it from my heart & harmony surrounds me.
Life isn't easy without directions.Everyone needs directions or rather rules to guide them.When I was young my parents used to be my guides & I always obeyed them.But as we grow up we have different thoughts.We all have different dreams.
But there is at least someone in our life whom we trust & treat like a teacher,a guide or our God.
I chose the law of attraction to be my guide.I chose gratitude as my passion & faith as my only friend.
I've learn t that life treats you the way you treat it.If you spread smiles,you get back laughter.But if you give sorrow,then you get back only tears.I wish the secret I know about is true.Because honestly I don't have the courage to doubt it.
Have a nice day folks! :)

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