Sunday, February 12, 2012

Positive + Positive = Positive

Haven't you heard the saying that 'All's well that ends well'.Sometimes I feel that even the opposite is true.
If you start your day on a good note it definitely ends well.
So I woke up this morning with a beautiful song & it has really given me a lot of hopes for the day.
There are plenty of things all over the internet which can make you feel a little more positive,enthusiastic & alive.
I would love to list my favorites for you:)
  • The team of the book "The Secret" came out with some really good videos which are well created.
    My favorite one is "the secret to you".It really helps me to feel the real me.


  • My next favourite is the new coca cola advertisement.It really makes my day:

  •  There's a song which is very close to my heart as I listen to it on all my Birthdays :)

That's all for now!I'll be back soon & hopefully will spread more positivity around!
Have a nice day & happy reading! :D

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