Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Better Judge

I have always been judgmental about people.Have been wrong in judging some.
But Every single time I commit a mistake.I come out as a better judge.
Here is my recent classification criteria.
I've met many new people recently.Some of them are not just new people but I recognize them as my friends & classify them as the Heart Bearers!
As I am getting to know them better I get to know a little more about what people can go through.
There are people who have seen life which is actually worse than mine.But they are for sure stronger and more courageous than me.They are the new stars who are all set to show the world who they are.
Swift,Enthusiastic,innocent and ready to worship the world with their charming smiles!They help each other & try to make our planet a much better place to live in.They build castles on the sands of trust.They long for happiness,love & friendship.
But when I see the stats.The heart bearers are a little extinct.They are now found in extreme small numbers.
Some are abused,duped,crushed & sometyms stewed!

Let's move on to the next category.I'd love to call them the Heart Tearers. (Tearers is not a word in the english dictionary,It's a new one!Tearer in the sense who can tear your heart apart)
The heart tearers are the dangerous ones.Found in large numbers on our planet I am quite sure you know some.
They love to make people unhappy.They love it when someone cries because of them.They also have a habit of lying & bitching.You can see a mischievous smile on their face whenever a havoc is created because of them.Dark at heart,grey in mind.They are the ones who adore crime.
But the world is a strange place!People idolize the Heart Tearers & can barely bear the Heart Bearers!
The Heart Tearers very easily pretend to be the Heart Bearers.And that's where the things go wrong.
In today's world, the toughest thing to do is judging somebody.I accept that I am extremely bad at judging people.And so I am afraid to trust everybody.
When I was young,one of the first books I'd read was the "The Beauty and the Beast".It was a story about how a beast transforms into a loving prince.
But now after 16 yrs,the stories I come across are very different.
I come across girls who gave love their best shot and were cheated by a beast who was once as they thought a charming prince.
I come across people who just love to be evil.
I am afraid of them.I am so trying to avoid them as much as I can.
I can talk for hours on this topic,but it's too late.My clock reads 1:08 at the moment & I want to dream a little.So that I can soon see them turn into reality.
Keep smiling Folks!Good night! :)


  1. very well said
    with my experience of these few years i have very well noticed both kind of people
    people who we think as our best buddies are the one who bitch most abt you and one we don' t concider to be worth being our friend are only one to support during stressful time
    like we ignoure peaceful places and opt disco instead similarly we dont care about the calm yet caring friend of our's who really care about us but never express
    amiti though i am not to great to give any suggestion but i would say look for those calm soles always ready to help you though they would be calm and maby career oriented but like an add of airtel "har ek friend zaroori hota hai" and so are they respect their feeling also with care

  2. Hey Gaurav,
    First of all I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for sparing your time to read my blog :)
    And I am extremely sorry for replying late!
    I absolutely agree with what you've said.
    Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.
    And sometimes we befriend extroverts & the "popular" people & this is where things take a U-turn.
    I think the talent of judging people comes more with experience than anything else.