Monday, February 7, 2011

A Positively Present Evening

I had a wonderful evening today.
I never knew that just sitting in the garden with your best friend,mom & a maths book can feel so ecstatic.
The melodious chirping of the birds around,the orange shade of the sky & the ethereal flora around , made my day all the more special.Today I realised that sometimes living in your present is the best thing you can do.
Just for a second close your eyes & stop thinking about everything.Just try to feel your warm breath.Look around you & try to pick a positive aspect in anything kept around you. Everything has positivity in it & anything can contribute to your happiness.The only thing we miss out in life is positive attitude.I love being an optimist.I love seeing the sunshine even if it hurts my eyes.I love to live & so I will never regret anything in my life.I just want be happy & make others around me happy.I think that's the only purpose in my life rite now..
My tip of the day:Live in the moment & be positive..

BTW..Being positive is in my blood..because I have blood group with an attitude.. :)


  1. Exactly.
    Positive affirmations are a powerful weapon when used against an endless stream of negative self talk. We put
    ourselves in a much stronger place psychologically when we
    quit ‘self sabotaging’.

  2. Very true Karan!
    Being positive definitely helps! :)