Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st January 2011 "1/1/11"

The first day of the year was fabulous.
I learned that you should be calm and happy and everything comes your way. :)
I woke up with a sweet new year wish today.
The morning..oh the afternoon was wonderful.It feels good with dad around.
I studied for a while..Then had my chemistry tutions.
I talked to 3 of my best friends.It feels awesome to have them.
And then we were discussing my sisters' marriage.I never knew it could be so so exciting!
Even Pranjal & Shina came home.They got some yummy pastries from Jehan-numa & my day ended like this..
But picture abhi baki hai mere dost..I'll study fr an hour or to someone..& then go to bed.
#Hard work works miracles.
#World is a nice place to live in.
#Stay calm & just try your best & leave the rest.
#Smiles are better than cries.
#Do not criticize..It's better to improve yourself. =)

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