Thursday, December 30, 2010

The First One

So here I am with my laptop thinking about what I can write in my blog..named "Myriad Fortitude".
I always thought I could write but today I am blank.And I have no Idea why..
Maybe I'll take some time adjusting with my new green and blue personal diary :)
I am sure I'll start loving this thing.I always take time adjusting to changes.
I am quite sure you would have searched the dictionary for these two words by now "Myriad Fortitude"..
Let me help you out..Myriad means Infinite & Fortitude means inner strength.
So collectively it's infinite inner strength...
That's what I want to achieve.I think inner strength is more important than muscle power.
Inner strength is a super power in itself.Faith can never die because of inner strength Love sustains because of inner strength. It is the power that pushes into action in every area of life.
My inner strength is my greatest treasure.
So What will 'Myriad Fortitude' be about:-
1]It will serve as my personal diary.
2]I will post my photographic skills here.
3]My kiddish poems won't feel lonely in my notebook anymore.
4]I'll post about anything & everything.. :P

Please bear with me.

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